Unconditioned Consciousness

Letting go of the concept of ourselves to discover who we truly are. What a concept…mmmm How the heck does one do that? I am listening to an interesting interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHhEPUp5X_I. Pondering…….

Need to discover my inner reality… ooo this could be fun (heaven)… or horrifying(hell)…

Find the dimension of inner spaciousness. Uncluttered mind. No thought. Inter alter stills? mmmm what the heck… and I do this? Can I sense these dimension in other people? How do you get to know that person’s inner self? Beyond your personality, the unconditioned self recognition. Recognize everyone as yourself? We are all one big consciousness? mmmm

So there is a form identity and then there is a being identity – need to have access self transcendence.

Unconsciousness in spiritual terms means you are reacting to a situation that is using what behaviors you have learned good or bad…. This is the mode one is in when they are on drugs so obviously their behavior is worse than if they were sober… The goal in life when you are struggling is to be conscious on a deeper level so that you can react more appropriately and not have to suffer the consqences of doing stupid things you regret. mmm

Free will – one needs to aware of the condition of your mind in order to access free will happily?

ooo good video on how to get rid of Negative thoughts… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j91ST2gtR44……

Short post for the day, hope it provides some improvements to your life!

What Motivates you?

OOO this is such a good question to solve especially when you are feeling low.

I surfed the web and found this site: It’s a test to determine what motivates you. https://www.psychologies.co.uk/tests/what-motivates-you.html. Wait none to the options even fit what I would do ok. So now what?

Lets turn to Oprah… OK here we go… http://www.oprah.com/omagazine/how-to-determine-what-motivates-you-motivation-style_1. OMG this one is fun. Especially question 2. I would choose “Sop their cars before running over me.” so funny.

2. I’d feel frustrated if other people didn’t…

  • Give me whatever I want and agree with everything I say.
  • Rearrange their schedules to accommodate my desires.
  • Listen respectfully to my opinions and ideas.
  • Consider my needs when allocating money, time, or energy.
  • Stop their cars before running me over.

I am definitely having a motivation problem according to Oprah as I didn’t even get close to a score of 6… mmmmmm Take the test and see what you can learn about yourself.

But I have to say it worked this site. I am now motived to figure out how to motivate myself. hehehehehe

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Back to the Drawing Board

Practice Practice Practice….

Well I have resurrected my drawing tools. My god I am rusty. I so wish my Katie Faile was still living next door to me. If you don’t know who that is, check out her work at https://modernrosie.com/collections/cards/products/submarine-seas-greetings-5×7-christmas-cards-silver-dolphins?fbclid=IwAR1S-R0rPp7y3JpWM0mL8Q8FCcnO_I2-dfyNc0QOtDoBaZBi3OgbCpo8KZ4. This is her Christmas card for 2020. She is a children’s book illustrator but can draw anything. She use to pop over and give me pointers.

This guy above is not even close. Laying down the Values first then will put in the real details of fur… Just getting the graphic down is taking forever. now I know why artists to small paintings and not large. hehehe

Living Machines…. oooo

New technologies changing the equations with our issues with environment changes, poor soils, pollution etc….. Building new tools to help with our dire environmental crisis. Biology and Engineering are merging into a new discipline – Bioengineering. Molecular Biology and Engineering combining? Say way? How? Genomics – genes responsible for diseases. Angen, Biotech – biotech companies.

Molecular Biology is the hardware of cells, Genomics is the software of the cells. Unraveling the genetic foundations of diseases and using viruses to run batteries. How cool is that!

You must read the book by past MIT president Susan Hockfield “The Age of Living Machines”. Gives me hope!!!!!

Longevity – Probably shouldn’t take NAD boosters unless you supplement the side effects from doing that.

Well I just listened to a great pod cast. Here you go. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJV-SdaRHvA&t=3405s

This is a discussion between two doctors both interesting in Anti Aging, but has different view points on how to increase NAD production to turn back the aging clock.

When watching this video, look at the details and watch this part that talks a bit about this. 1:31:37 David’s plant based diet- and why it could be better 1:38:10 Meat consumption and the environment 1:45:35 Where to find David’s stuff. 1:47:20 The most radical thing David has done recently.

This also addresses the fact that cows aren’t the real global warming problem… Finally someone is defending agriculture…..

Wow this is harder than I thought – Vaccine date collection

Well there is an interesting event going on in November. Check out their website. https://www.thevieevent.com

As for data websites, most of the stuff is just tweeted or copied of images but Im frustrated to not be able to actually find research sites. I checked out this law firm mctlaw.com. This was interesting in that they litigate against Vaccine harm. It’s interest that this site above is changing the narrative to VACCINE INJURY… mmm

There are peeps whose kids were harmed by vaccines Im am finding is far less than the amount of deaths from not vaccinating. However… Im am not even close to making a real stance either way yet. This stuff is scary for sure Im so glad I don’t have kids to worry about this stuff.

Another Site I need to play in is CrazyMothers. They are actually hosting the November 14th Event. This site is well organized. https://crazymothers.info. They should have changed the spelling of Crazy to Crazy because they aren’t crazy this stuff is real and happening to kids.

Again short muse as Im swamped with appointments today! Please add info if you have it in the comments.

I find it interesting that when I go to places like Tweeter these people’s accounts are blocked. For example: This Blogger: https://thinklovehealthy.com/contact/about/

This is not right. So much for freedom of speech I guess, no wonder I can’t seem to search the web and easily find this stuff. mmmm Maybe I shouldn’t be blogging about this? Will I get blocked? mmmm

Next Obsession – Ingredients in Vaccinces

Vaccines – What are you really getting and is it worth the risks.

This is going to take me a while to research as it’s an entirely new subject. First off I plan on watching this Ted Talk to wrap my head about pandemics which we vaccinate ourselves against right?

I have severn links I need to pour through but they are on my old cell phone not easy to transfer. So if you are reading this and have research links for me, post in comments.

Short post for the day but here is the link to my first item to get introduced to the whole vaccine thing and why we do it.