Longevity – Probably shouldn’t take NAD boosters unless you supplement the side effects from doing that.

Well I just listened to a great pod cast. Here you go. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJV-SdaRHvA&t=3405s

This is a discussion between two doctors both interesting in Anti Aging, but has different view points on how to increase NAD production to turn back the aging clock.

When watching this video, look at the details and watch this part that talks a bit about this. 1:31:37 David’s plant based diet- and why it could be better 1:38:10 Meat consumption and the environment 1:45:35 Where to find David’s stuff. 1:47:20 The most radical thing David has done recently.

This also addresses the fact that cows aren’t the real global warming problem… Finally someone is defending agriculture…..

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