Next Obsession – Ingredients in Vaccinces

Vaccines – What are you really getting and is it worth the risks.

This is going to take me a while to research as it’s an entirely new subject. First off I plan on watching this Ted Talk to wrap my head about pandemics which we vaccinate ourselves against right?

I have severn links I need to pour through but they are on my old cell phone not easy to transfer. So if you are reading this and have research links for me, post in comments.

Short post for the day but here is the link to my first item to get introduced to the whole vaccine thing and why we do it.


2 thoughts on “Next Obsession – Ingredients in Vaccinces

  1. Aluminum is used as an adjuvant in vaccines that aren’t live viruses. It helps to illicit a stronger immune response. But aluminum is a neuro toxin and kills brain cells. This video is simple but informative.

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