Anti-Aging Products -Am I a mouse?

Well hello there. Today’s muse is on anti-aging products info – not recommending taking just musing mind you.

Ingredients newly learned about are:

Pterostibene – cool stuff in blueberries – way better than the stuff from Grapes -resveratrol. This stuff works to help your aged signals that give instructions to your DNA work better. Too simple? Here are some details for you then. Pterostilbene is a kind of extra-potent version of resveratrol. The pterostilbene molecule is nearly identical to resveratrol’s except for a couple of differences that make it more “bioavailable” (animal studies indicate that about four times as much ingested pterostilbene gets into the bloodstream as resveratrol). Test-tube and rodent studies also suggest that pterostilbene is more potent than resveratrol when it comes to improving brain function, warding off various kinds of cancer and preventing heart disease. This info is from:;text=Beyond

Nicotinamide mono nucleotide (MNM) – This is the NAD booster. Remember in my other blog how I show how NAD gets depleted with Alcohol consumption. Well in general NAD levels as we age are lower so boosting them is the idea to help us stay younger longer.

How does this work? Well according to Dr. Sinclair – NMN is a precursor to NAD+, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, meaning it becomes NAD+ through a series of chemical transformations. NAD+ is a coenzyme that living things cannot survive without and is critical for everything from energy and metabolism and even sleep, but levels of NAD+ naturally fall with age, making it — and NMN, as a result — crucial to the science of aging.

Metformin– Now this one is a weird one. You need a doc prescription for it. It is actually a drug for diabetics. Below are details about this drug from

There is a great interview by Comedian Joe Rogan which I love to watch while improving my mitochondria action which improves DNA behaviors – aka exercising.

Well this is really interesting. If any of this info is wrong please let me know Im not a scientist really just reading and interpreting.

I am so tempted to order me up some of these supplements but pondering the question “Am I a mouse?” Something to think about in addition to this is whether I want to spend $100 a month on something that is only proven to work on a mouse…

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