Tuesday My Grieving Friend

Well Im still working on my Mitochondria adventure but just not in the mood to research today so Im just going yap a bit about today I guess. Actually felt like putting a dress, tights and boots on but only for a second. hahahah

I am obsessing about my sad friend, who had to put her dog down a couple of days ago. That is so hard. It’s a hurt that just keeps stabbing you every where no matter what you do. You make breakfast and look down to be reminded he’s not there anymore. You clean the kitchen and miss the pooch pouncing on you wanting your attention. You try to eat but can’t there is no one to share it with.

I got her a funny little bat plant. When I delivered it she was confused. She didn’t know what she was suppose to do with it. I said to her “Silly it’s like a Christmas ornaments only for Halloween hang it on your tree outside the kitchen window”. She was said nothing for a bit then it finally kicked in with her “Oo ok I can do that”. My heart went out to her, she was broken and I couldn’t fix her. I asked her is she wanted to go do something. She wasn’t up for it.

So I will give her her space as hard as that is for me to do. Don’t you wish you could just fix everyone’s hurt. There is so much of it in the world.

Tomorrow is another chance for me to cheer her up. Off to fake clean the house as in-laws are coming for a couple of days. Bronco! is going to have so much attention.

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