Friday – Pondering Low Carb and Bday Cake

Well today is my little sister’s birthday. She lives in Greece so it’s hard to get stuff to her. I so wanted to send her a cake as I got the idea from my friend who sent a cake to her son. Sadly, Greece commerce doesn’t work as well as the US. I did manage to buy her some high end hair products through Amazon UK that rocks. It’s surprising how locked down sending stuff to Greece is. You just don’t realize it until you have a loved one that lives outside the country.

My week of to dos are done and I can finally get to my new diet book. I am on the hunt to find some sort of real story on how our bodies metabolize Wine & Hard Liquor… Why do I care? Curiosity more than anything – it seems odd to me that these beverages do not have carbohydrates? As I always thought they were pure sugar. I was once told by my high school sweetheart that his Specialist said our body’s treat alcohol like it was a fat. OK so what does that mean? Then I read that our body treats alcohol like a poison so all digestion stops so that the body can process this poison and get it out of our bodies as fast as it can, therefor taxing our entire digestive track, pancreas squirting enzymes and hormones, Liver doing what ever it does, kidneys filtering out the bad stuff that is left.

OK so my goal for the next week is to learn more about how we digest in general. So if you are interested and want to chime in on my thoughts and ideas on this subject feel free. As I will be pulling me data from the internet which is full of FAKE claims.

I have two books right now as well. One by Dr. Gundry about the Keto diet, and one written by an Exercise Physiologist Greg Landry, MS… More as I learn and try to summarize in terms maybe others can understand instead of the language of Medical terms, a.k.a. latin right?

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